1. Primary Mortgage Balance…

  • Original balance: $166,863.27 *property sold and paid off August 2013

2. Rental Mortgage Balance…

  • Original balance: $103,177.03 *property sold and paid off June 2014

NON-MORTGAGE DEBTPaid Off February 2010 ~ Current Balance: $0.00

(We began the Debt Snowball in May 2009 with a Non-Mortgage Debt Balance of $19,375.72.)

  1. Debt #1‘s Original Balance: $2,260.17: Paid Off June 2009
  2. Debt #2‘sOriginal Balance: $6,493.00: Paid Off August 2009
  3. Debt #3‘s Original Balance (car loan): $10,622.55: Paid Off February 2010

Debt Snowball* Payment History:

*just the “extra” payments made toward debt, above and beyond the minimum payments.


  • May: $4,056.61
  •  June: $2,576.50
  •  July: $2,047.97
  •  August: $857.64
  • September: $1,000.00
  • October: $2,194.88
  • November: $1,700
  •  December: $1,510.91


  • January: $1,768.50
  • February: $1,627.71
  • March: $0.00 (took a break from the snowball to build up savings)
  • April: $0.00
  • May: $0.00
  • June: $0.00
  • July: $0.00
  • August: $0.00
  • September: $0.00 (“paid off” 2nd mortgage with transfer to credit card offer of 0% for one year)
  • October: $0.00 (John PCS’s to California)
  • November: $0.00
  • December: $0.00


  •  January: $746.77
  • February: $1,823.20

I fell off the bandwagon posting monthly updates. Ultimately, I made the final payment on the second mortgage (which had been transferred to a credit card offer) in the fall of 2011 after the financial dust settled from the kids and I moving from Ohio and joining their dad in California.

Our home in Ohio became a property rental which we finally sold in August 2013 while still living in California and right before filing for divorce in September 2013. The Vegas Property rental was sold in June 2014.

All equity from my share of both rental property sales went toward divorce attorney fees.

I am in debt once again from getting a divorce. I will conquer that debt, again, but I am no longer blogging about it here.

9 thoughts on “Debt Snowball Progress…

  1. Hi! A mutual friend recommended your site – i see them for speech therapy (: It’s so great to read about stories (and HONESTY) from other people who share our journey in eliminating debt. Your dedication and creativity is inspiring! We just began our journey a few months ago – forced to by ridiculous amounts of debt caused by a rental gone VERY bad, but also caused in part by our lack of education about finances and the well intentioned but stupid decisions we made! Dave Ramsey has been such a gift in our life!
    Keep up the good work, i will look forward to following your success!


    jolyn Reply:

    Gretchen – glad to have you along for the ride! I’d love to hear more about your journey as well as you would like to share it!


  2. Wow, great work on your debt snowball! We have such a long way to go, but we’re getting there. We didn’t get serious about getting out of debt until about two years ago. It is so frustrating to think about how frivolously we spent extra money when my husband was having career years. But, even through a job loss and then some changes in job, we have not added to our debt and continue to pay it off little by little. I try to focus on the small victories and not get overwhelmed by what we have left.


  3. WTG! We are hoping to pay on ours more this year too. I know it will rough.. Considering we dont make as much as you paid in Dec……But we have already cut off every luxury back in June of last year. Paid off one. And most will be oaid off with tax money. SOO excited to be one step closer to debt free!!!! I think it will take us 2-3 years to be completely debt free except the house and car. But that will be soo much easier to maintain with out all the CC..


    jolyn Reply:

    I have thought about how once upon a time we barely brought in what we are now putting toward debt! Unfortunately, it seems like over the years, as our income has gone up, so has our propensity to accrue larger amounts of debt! That’s what I am determined to change: no more debt! Even the “good” kind!
    You guys can do it. It’s amazing how life opens up when you get rid of payments and those balance numbers hanging over your head. Your income will likely go up (you’re young!). If you can keep your borrowing down in the meantime, you’ll be way ahead of the game.


  4. Wowzers!! You’re kickin’ it!! Hot diggity!!

    We found Dave in December 2005 and it took us 2.5 years to pay off our $32,000 (on one income and with six months of double mortgage payments thanks to a move) but we did it. Now we lead Financial Peace University at our church in the Dayton area. We love Dave and owe so much of our PEACE to him.

    Keep working hard and you’ll never regret it. I promise!!

    Congratulations on the amazing progress you’ve made! You’re rock stars!!


  5. Hi Jolyn,

    I just found your site through a comment on Debt Free Adventure. You’ve done a great job on your Snowball and a great job on your site. I just subscribed and I look forward to future reading.


  6. Wow!! Great job!

    We paid off about $8K worth of accumulated debt last August and it felt SUPER GREAT. I don’t even carry a credit card anymore. Relief!

    Just wanted to say, “Way to go!” and you are pretty inspiring here!


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