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On Organizing and De-Cluttering

Do you Goodwill? Frequent Thrift Shops? Hop yard sales? Yes, yes, and yes? Do you (hardly almost) never shop regular retail for your kids’ clothes?
I’ve steered away from yard sales in recent years. I’ve also declared [many times] that I will never again have one myself! Every time I do anyway, my husband is like, […]


When my daughter was sick last month I looked all over for the thermometer and couldn’t find it. I’d finally had enough: it was time to clean out the nether regions of my bathroom. I wasn’t even exactly sure I’d find it in there, but it was as good of a place to start as […]


I just figured out that I made about $257.10 last year in consignments at the thrift store. Not as good as the year before, when I made over $400. But that year we had just moved here and I was finally getting rid of various baby paraphernalia: crib; portacrib; as well as some furniture — […]


My 6yo is a sweet, helpful little girl with a service-oriented spirit.
She’ll offer to unload the dishwasher.
She readily helps me with dinner.
She’ll even strike a pose and hold it until my point-and-shoot decides to cooperate.
But good Lord Almighty in Heaven above, the child will not clean her room.
This is a normal state of affairs. It’s […]


No sooner do I get back from my trip to Chicago then our washer goes kaput. Lots and lots of water — NOT INSIDE THE WASHER.Not good. Especially when you’re right in the middle of trying to catch up on your laundry. I’m really not too keen on washing clothes in the bathtub; I’d rather […]

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With the advent of cooler weather, I thought it time to assess my winter wear. Standard SAHM fare. Plenty of tops, to be sure. I have more sweaters in my wardrobe, too.In fact, I’m not convinced it’s not too many clothes; I’m kind of a wear-my-favorites over-and-over kind of gal. So I thought I’d try […]


Do you have any scary drawers? You know, the ones so loaded with junk you wouldn’t even venture to stick your hand too far in there because you’re really not sure what you might touch?
We have several of those, but I decided to start small — I focused on the two drawers in our “game […]


I took a hard look at our Master Bedroom…
The dresser top is a constant eyesore.(My 6yo likes to “give” me stuffed animals.)
(She also gets upset if I try to “give” them back.)
But the stuff has been spilling over…
BEFORE:When we lived in Italy, we splurged and got ourselves some new bedroom furniture. New to us anyway […]


I tackled several areas in my house this week on my “Itch to Pitch” de-cluttering mission. Unfortunately, many projects were started, but not all were finished…
Can you relate? You go to clean up one area, only to find things that belong in another area. So you go to put them away and totally get distracted […]

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When my oldest son Conner was in preschool, he came home with tons and tons of beautiful “creations” that we used to hang up all over his room.
Tip — Best wall decor around: hang up your kids’ artwork. It costs you nothing extra and they love it. When Conner was three we lived in an […]