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On Eating

Kansas Farmers’ Market

by jolyn on June 11, 2011

in On Eating

Ever wonder about the prices at different Farmers’ Markets? No? Just me?
I wish I’d thought of this before we left Ohio, but I really was too crazy with the move to think about going to the Farmer’s Market the first weekend it started (the last weekend in May). Oh, and the friends we stayed with […]


As I mentioned in my last post, my husband is TDY right now, which is military-speak for a business trip. I don’t envy him being in West Texas in August! Although it hasn’t exactly been roses and rainbows up here in Ohio, either. Blech.
Military Per Diem: Excuse to Spend? Or Opportunity to Save?
When John […]


Peter is a picky eater, always has been. His mainstays are peanut butter and honey tortillas (yes, you read that right), bananas, and applesauce. The quintessential white diet. He has and does eat other foods, but tortillas are what he begs for. Even if we are offering him something that he has eaten before, he’ll […]


Popsicles, white skin, and (free!) water parks. It must be the start of Summer!

(I actually took this picture last summer — I forgot to take my camera with me today!)
We may not be out of school here yet in body, but we sure are in spirit. It was difficult bidding a good night to a […]


So tomorrow always comes sooner than you think.
Loving the comments and tips and input on cooking whole chickens in the last post! I know I learned some things! Admittedly, that’s not saying much… Ahem.
What do y’all make with the chicken from your whole chicken?
But before we talk chicken, let’s talk chicken stock. I turned around […]


I never cooked up a whole chicken myself until recently.
“Hi, I’m Jolyn.”
(Hi, Jolyn!)
“I’m 38-years-old, and I just cooked my first whole chicken.”
This is dedicated to all of you 37 and younger. Please, don’t wait as long as I did to prepare something so fundamental to healthy, frugal meals.
And if you’re older than I […]


How much of your budget goes toward eating out? (How many of you have no idea?) How much of that is not for enjoyment, but for apparent convenience?
I’m not against eating out, not by any stretch. But I do think it is one area in our lives that, over the years, has saved us financially. […]


How Much Do You Spend on Groceries?

by jolyn on February 5, 2010

in bills,On Eating

I’m really determined to work on lowering my grocery bill over this next year. It’s one huge area that can make or break a household budget. I don’t feel like I buy groceries needlessly: I do shop with a list; I meal plan; and I don’t buy my kids a lot of junk. I use […]


Toward the beginning of January, I joined a pantry challenge hosted by an amazing blogger who encouraged everyone to clean out their pantries and see how far you could stretch those grocery dollars for the month.
After my 14yo looked into our (crowded) pantry and declared, “There’s nothing to eat in here,” I decided drastic measures […]


I’ve mentioned my real-life friend Erin a lot lately, I know. She’s promoting her $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook, and it’s just so exciting I can’t keep quiet about it! I feel like a know an honest-to-goodness celebrity. What can I say? I love living vicariously.
But mainly, it wouldn’t be responsible of me not to talk […]

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