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Kids’ Expenses

I’ve decided to start my own little mini-series on “Why We’re Homeschooling” based on personal experiences and motivations that led my family to our decision to pull our children from traditional public schools. Considering the dearth of posts around here these last months, I have no idea how often I’ll be posting on this topic. […]


This is my son preening after one of many victory rides.
He’s become rather obsessed with cycling since we moved to Monterey, and he cajoles his dad into long rides (think 20-30+ miles) up and down the coast as often as possible — at least once a week, though he’d go out more if he had his […]


You know, “checks”? Those paper things? Remember those?
Since we’re renting out our house now instead of selling it and thus continuing our status as homeowners, some checkups have been in order:
Chimney ~ check.

Total: $118

Heat Pump ~ check.

Annual Maintenance Fee: $169.00
Leak Found. Leak repaired: $443.00
Drain Pan Treatment: $35.00
Pack of Filters: $84.00
Total: $731.00

That last one took my by surprise. Apparently […]


Kids’ Activitie$: An Update

by jolyn on January 25, 2011

in Kids' Expenses

Never mind the little guys all of four-years-old buzzing around the rink all get-up in their hockey gear skating circles around my kids (and me) with their knees all of six inches off the ground. Olivia and Peter had a great time, walkers and all.
This was our first time skating this winter, and Peter’s first time ever […]


Do you ever decide to pay someone to do something you would usually do yourself? Just to give yourself a break?
The kids desperately needed a haircut. Conner was the only one complaining, but I had ignored the little ones for too long, pun intended.
Wow, first the title, then this. Who knew I could be so…  […]


It took a few weeks for us to settle into our Fall routine of school and various activities. Mainly because my kids kept changing their minds about what they wanted to do!
I’m no soccer mom. But.
I’m all about dabbling at the younger ages: what better time for them to explore all that is out there? […]


Do you Goodwill? Frequent Thrift Shops? Hop yard sales? Yes, yes, and yes? Do you (hardly almost) never shop regular retail for your kids’ clothes?
I’ve steered away from yard sales in recent years. I’ve also declared [many times] that I will never again have one myself! Every time I do anyway, my husband is like, […]


Just got a bill from Conner’s high school. All in all, not too bad…

English: $9.50
Physical Science: $20
French 2: $13
Health: $4
Drafting Techniques: $20
Algebra: $8

Total: $74.50
…So far, anyway? Kind of wondering if there’ll still be an admin fee, or if it’s all mixed in with the individual class fees… I am also purposely avoiding an additional “fee” […]


We’re talking finances here, of course. Not the emotional cost. Because 15? Seriously? That’s how old I was just a few years ago…
Do we count eating out as a family as part of the birthday cost? Since that was the birthday boy’s dinner request? Even though it didn’t effect what we gave him for his […]


Another poll on USAA recently asked,
“What will the average family spend on back-to-school shopping this year?”
The choices:


What say you?
This is how the votes played out when I cast mine today:









And the winner is….
“According to a recent study by the National Retail Federation, the average American family will spend $606 on clothes, shoes, supplies and […]