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Punny Halloween Costumes

by jolyn on October 30, 2011

in Holidays

Costumes really aren’t our thang, if you know what I mean. We’re like the scrooges of Halloween. But when we got a neighborhood invitation to a family-friendly Halloween party I decided we should at least try to play along and not be fuddy-duddies. But what to do? We don’t exactly store a collection of costumes […]


Christmas in January!

by jolyn on January 9, 2011

in Holidays

Not really! But the numbers are finally in! And for Christmas we spent…


I really don’t know why it took me so long to post this. I guess I thought I owed you further explanation, like who exactly we got Christmas for and how much we spent on each person and what else we spent during […]



What’s on Your Thanksgiving Menu?

by jolyn on November 24, 2010

in Holidays

Typical American Thanksgiving fare, as dictated to my daughter,

“ham; mashed potatoes; dressing; green bean casserole; sweet potatoes; salad; pumkin [sic]-pie”

…minus the semi-colons.
We’re having a quiet Thanksgiving around here, just the four of us: me and the kiddos. We contemplated driving to my family in Kansas, but Conner nixed it: didn’t want to have work to […]


How Much are Your Pumpkins Costing You?

by jolyn on October 18, 2010

in Holidays

Okay, so maybe I wanted an excuse to take a short jaunt down memory lane. But I haven’t gotten a photo of these crazy kids (aren’t they adorable?) for this year yet, though not for lack of trying. For some reason, we’ve been a little busy around here…
But we’ve managed to spend some money on […]


The Cost of a Road Trip.

by jolyn on July 15, 2010

in Holidays,Travel and Vacay

Finally. Oh, how I’ve missed you all! We logged almost 2000 miles in ten days between Ohio and Kansas. It did rain over the 4th of July, effectively canceling my sister’s Independence Day Bash.    We did, however, manage to set some money on fire light some fireworks at my parent’s house in between […]


It’s the night before we officially celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, though you’d think it was already the 4th based on all the snap, crackle, popping and occasional BOOM! going on outside all over my hometown in Kansas. And these are just the amateurs!
We just arrived at my parent’s house and can’t yet answer the […]


Conner made the quintessential Father’s Day heart-attack breakfast: lots of bacon and sausage; dunkin’ donuts; and farm-fresh eggs thrown in just to make us feel righteous. Although they’re the best part, in my opinion. Along with the coffee, of course.
Conner didn’t actually make the donuts.
Olivia, of course, made her dad a card. And Peter started […]


Easter Eggs

by jolyn on March 30, 2010

in Holidays,Kids' Expenses

We actually dyed our Easter Eggs early this year…
“Early? Vhat is zhis, earrrly word you use? I do not know ze meaning of zhis!”
Yea, yea. So we’re not exactly the early type. And that’s a really bad accent. I know, I know…
I was motivated by our impending road trip for the kids’ Spring Break, which […]


In honor of my birthday I decided to pause a moment and take a look in the mirror and assess the situation. This may sound funny, but I don’t regularly take the time to “take care of” myself, and as usual I have been letting some things go. No doubt some of you fellow moms […]