Conner the Teenager
Loves to play tennis, sometimes soccer, too — and loves his electronics like a typical American boy is wont to do.
Those wires on his teeth cost over $4000, by the way.
We started a new allowance system with Conner this last year to try to give him a head start on how to budget his own money…


Olivia the First Second Grader
Loves to read and dance and sing…
Currently taking tap, dance and ballet lessons gymnastics — and is constantly asking, When can I learn to play the trumpet? And take voice lessons? And take swim lessons again?
I just try to keep up with her energy and to balance her passions with our pocketbook!
Peter the Preschooler Kindergartner

Diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech when he was three, he’s our miracle boy who now speaks like a champ.
He still attends Occupational Therapy sessions once a week. We’re very thankful the cost of his many therapy sessions was covered by insurance.
He loves cars and trains and Pokemon and Bakugan and Star Wars… and he is amazingly adept at taking things apart.
This is slowly translating into learning how to put things back together…

The Huckster

We are cat people and make no apologies about it.
Huck was rescued by a vet who gave him all his shots and took away his masculinity.
She even declawed his front paws! All we had to do was bring him home, where he now rules like a Prince.

“Nosy Pepperoni”

He’s our guinea pig He was once our guinea pig, courtesy of a friend whose kids had tired of him and she was so glad to find him a home: pig; cage; supplies and all.
He recently met an untimely demise.
He also goes went by Pepper, Piggy, or Little Bacon Bit.
Judge all you want. We loved him more than our luggage. Rest in Peace, Piggy-Piggy.


Me and The Hubs

My partner in finances, though it wasn’t always so. Married for 15 16 years and counting…

2 thoughts on “The Spending Crew

  1. Howdy! Cool crew :) Do you have any good posts on the cost of raising children? Would love to read, as I have a post called “Don’t Have Children If You Can’t Take Care Of Yourself” and I’d love to get your input here or on my site.




    jolyn Reply:

    For now, you can click on “Kids” in my tags under “What on earth do I keep babbling on about?” in my sidebar. I don’t have a post directly related to the parents needing to grow up first… 😉 Although that certainly is a topic worth writing about! I might give that some thought…
    I will probably be writing one soon regarding the cost of kids’ activities, which of course directly affects parents’ choices in how much we are able to spend on ourselves since it is all about trade-offs and where our priorities lie. Your comment made me think about “Boys and Their Toys” — heh-heh. That might be a good one to try to talk my husband into writing someday… 😉


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