Ye gods, I must be crazy.

Not just one rabbit, but two.

Oh, and two guinea pigs as well.

The cost of acquiring them was FREE: animals; cages; accessories; food pellets to start; everything. Another military family moving on. The animals needed a home, and we have a little girl who’s been wanting a pet rabbit for a very, very long time… He just came with a few friends, that’s all.

Never mind the jokes,

“Hey, rabbit stew!”

“This might be the solution to the rising cost of groceries.”

“At least now we won’t have to wait for the meat to thaw.”

Hardy-har-har. But at least one thing around here is thinking they look like a ready-made snack…

Aw, poor Huckster. In your dreams, you little tiger.

Time will tell how much the general upkeep will cost us. The previous owners gave me some great tips such as where to acquire free hay as opposed to buying it in bundles from a pet store. I’m wishing we had kept more packing paper than we did from the move, for lining their cages. (Who actually gets a newspaper anymore?)

More than financial cost will be the time cost of daily and weekly upkeep. Ye gods, what was I thinking? But yes, “Pet Care” will be a part of our homeschooling “curriculum.” And one little girl, at least, is very excited about that.

6 thoughts on “Ye gods, I must be crazy.

  1. We still get the paper and I love reading it. My husband writes for the Wichita Eagle.


    jolyn Reply:

    Ooh! Ooh! Who is he! What a great job!

    My parents still get the paper in McPherson; a good friend of mine gets the paper in Kansas City… It’s so strange when we stay at their houses! Newspaper covering the table, cascading onto the floor, the art of turning each paper without the fold catching… 😉


  2. You are a glutton for punishment, aren’t ya?

    Glad to have you back.


    jolyn Reply:

    Thanks, Mysti! Time will tell if I actually get on a regular schedule or not…


    Evan Reply:

    Try just 2 posts a week!


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