Monthly Financial Update! (And yes, I’m still here!)

We’ve moved! And are still settling in. And while I haven’t exactly been jumping on the blogging bandwagon, I do have a couple posts in draft and have even tried to publish one, but wordpress was giving me all kinds of grief so I gave up. I’ve got enough going on trying to settle into a new home without dealing with techie-blog drama.

And see? It’s worked itself out now, without any help from me. All I had to do was walk away and give it some time. If only my house would sort itself out that way…

I won’t go and make all kinds of promises of future blog posts: I’ll just surprise you. However, the numbers keep crunching, whether we like it or not.

Without further ado:

Debt Balances as of the End of July 2011:

  1. *Credit Card Transfer: $17,166.23
  2. Vegas Rental Property:  $103,983.40
  3. Ohio Rental Property: $167,686.48

Total Debt: $288,836.11

*The credit card transfer used to be our second mortgage for the Ohio rental.

Breakdown of Regular Payments:

  1. Credit Card Transfer: $0 due –> $1,850.09 paid
  2. Vegas Rental Mortgage: $647.00
  3. Ohio Rental Mortgage: $1641.58

Total Monthly Payments: $4,138.67

I have a confession to make.

I haven’t been keeping up with tracking our finances. I’m two months behind. Two. Months. 

I will catch up. I. will.

I will catch up I will catch up I will catch up…

Now come on over and link up your financial updates! Or just tell us your numbers in a comment. If I can take the time to crunch ours with a gazillion settling-in projects pulling me in twice as many directions after moving across this great country of ours, you can crunch yours, too!

Don’t forget if you’re reading this on email you’ll need to click over to the actual site to view the links. Please go and comment and encourage each other on these financial journeys we’re on!

Happy Number Crunching!


4 thoughts on “Monthly Financial Update! (And yes, I’m still here!)

  1. i know what you mean, oye. Well hopefully we can all get caught up before the holidays sneak up on us :) Isn’t summer supposed to be lazy some how? lol. Just wishful thinking though.


  2. July was brutal! I’m behind too. I’m giving a new software program a try “You Need a Budget”.

    Hang in there! Glad your family is reunited.



  3. Don’t feel bad – July was a yucky month for me financially. I didn’t keep up like I should have, and I don’t even have a big life event like moving to explain why. Maybe August will be an awesome month for all of us!


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