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by jolyn on May 5, 2011

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Debt Balances as of the End of April 2011:

  1. First Mortgage:  $168,292.32
  2. Credit Card Transfer #1: $22,502.00
  3. Credit Card Transfer #2:  $0 !!!
  4. Rental Property:  $105,100.09

Total Debt: $295,894.41

This is a difference of –$4,661.21 in principle from the $300,555.62 owed in primary and rental mortgage debt* at the end of March.

I just have to point out that we finally got it under $300,000!!!!!

(With a little help from our tax return!)

*The credit card transfers used to be our second mortgage.

Breakdown of Regular Payments:

  1. First Mortgage: $1641.58
  2. Credit Card Transfer #1: $208.00
  3. Credit Card Transfer #2: $0 (no minimum payment has ever been due, because they didn’t want us to pay it off too early. But we didn’t play their game! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  4. Rental Property: $698.00

Total Monthly Payments: $2,547.58

Plus Credit Card Transfer #2 Pay-Off: $3930.03

$1816.40 of those payments went toward interest.

I still hate typing that out in black and white.

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