Personal Finance Update… Don’t forget to link yours!

Debt Balances as of the End of January 2011:

  1. First Mortgage:  $168,690.79
  2. Credit Card Transfer #1: $22,920.00
  3. Credit Card Transfer #2:  $3,930.03
  4. Rental Property:  $105,719.25

Total Debt:  $301,250.07

This is a difference of –$2,592.63 in principle from the $303,842.70 owed in primary and rental mortgage debt* at the end of January.

*The credit card transfers used to be our second mortgage.

Breakdown of Regular Payments:

  1. First Mortgage: $1641.58
  2. Credit Card Transfer #1: $250.00
  3. Credit Card Transfer #2: $0 ~ again, no minimum due in January! But we paid $1,823.20. Ha!
  4. Rental Property: $758.00

Total Monthly Payments: $4,472.78

$1880.15 of that went toward interest.

I still hate typing that out in black and white.

And now it’s your turn! Don’t forget to link to your post, not just your blog. Happy number crunching!


7 thoughts on “Personal Finance Update… Don’t forget to link yours!

  1. $13,198.54 Credit Cards
    *we’ve paid off 3 & now working on the 3 with the highest balances

    $21,016.35 student Loans

    total CC & student loan:34,214.89
    *down from 35,898.24 2 months ago(last time i ran the numbers)

    House mortgage: 66,098.10

    Condo: currently starting our foreclosure. Even though it is bad for our credit, this is still a good thing for our specific situation. Long story, but just know it is working to our benifit.


    jolyn Reply:

    I applaud you for facing the numbers, and facing the music. So sorry you have to foreclose, but you’re moving in the right direction by taking your finances by the horn and taking control of them once and for all. Keep it up!


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