Daily Archives: November 24, 2010

What’s on Your Thanksgiving Menu?

Typical American Thanksgiving fare, as dictated to my daughter,

“ham; mashed potatoes; dressing; green bean casserole; sweet potatoes; salad; pumkin [sic]-pie”

…minus the semi-colons.

We’re having a quiet Thanksgiving around here, just the four of us: me and the kiddos. We contemplated driving to my family in Kansas, but Conner nixed it: didn’t want to have work to make up from school. And I can’t say I was excited about a 14-hour drive myself.

I talked to some friends about spending some of the holiday day with them, but Conner nixed that, too: he wants the day to be “relaxing” and hanging out with other families with (more) small children isn’t his idea of a good time. Grumpy. But I don’t blame him, really. Seems like most of my friends have kids his little brother’s and sister’s ages, and circus music really isn’t his cup of tea.

So we’re cooking up some grub and having a whole Thanksgiving fare just ourselves, all cozy and comfy in our own home (which we do still own, by the way) and getting a head start on our favorite Christmas movies. With John gone, Conner is huge for motivating me to go all out with tradition and not pansy out by ordering out or just having pasta. And for that I am very thankful indeed. I’ve already made the salad, which is marinating (is that the word I want?) in the fridge. Conner mixed up a super-dooper easy pumpkin pie (looking very seasonal in his orange fleece, I must say), which is cooling on the stovetop. Ham will go in the crockpot first thing in the morning (recipe with apple juice, honey, mustard and sugar, m-mmm) and the rest will get done at some point during the day tomorrow, no hurry. It’s just us, after all.

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends near and dear. As for the non-American readers, have some turkey on us. (Or ham, if that’s your pleasure.) Bon Appetit. :)