Daily Archives: November 18, 2010

Sometimes You Gotta Cut Yourself a Break.

Do you ever decide to pay someone to do something you would usually do yourself? Just to give yourself a break?

The kids desperately needed a haircut. Conner was the only one complaining, but I had ignored the little ones for too long, pun intended.

Wow, first the title, then this. Who knew I could be so…  punny?

Normally I would pull out the scissors and just hack away at Olivia’s and Peter’s hair myself. And despite my choice of words I’m perfectly capable of cutting hair without it looking like a hack-job. But it does take me f o r  e v e r. I did finally succumb to adolescent pressure several months ago and start regularly paying a professional for Conner’s haircuts: there was only so much his patience (and mine) could handle. But I still prefer to save money by cutting the little ones’ hair myself.

Until now. When I found myself talking to a friend about something completely unrelated, and she mentioned they were on their way to get haircuts that were on sale at a local national chain, I realized how much relief I felt and made an instant decision: I am going to cut myself a break.

The chain was about to close for the day, so I quickly hung up and yelled at the kids, “Go! Go! Go!” like the house was afire. Witnessing a mom on a mission is a sight indeed. Conner was slightly put out but not unimpressed. Besides, he was the one desperate for a haircut, so he could hardly complain about having his facebook time abruptly interrupted. (Oh, the travesty.) I had already made him wait an extra week to allow more healing time for his skin where he recently had a mole removed. (Yes, from his scalp.) (We’ve been having so much fun around here lately.) So he was more than willing to go, after a minute of getting over himself.

No picture of the teenager. Adolescent pressure. You gotta choose your battles.

Haircut Sale

  • $6.99 / haircut
  • $20.97 = three haircuts
  • Total with tip: $26.97

Yes, I tip. Even at national chains.

  • Have you cut yourself a break lately? And paid someone else to do something you would normally do yourself?

We all need that now and then, in my opinion. Can I get an amen?