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November 2010

A Day Late, but not A Dollar Short.

by jolyn on November 26, 2010


I started this yesterday, but collapsed in bed before I got around to finishing and hitting the publish button.
A Giving of Thanks, stream-of-consciousness style:

I am thankful for this home, and that I am warm and dry inside, while it is raining outside.
I am thankful for central air, especially heating, on this cold, wet, Fall day.
I […]


What’s on Your Thanksgiving Menu?

by jolyn on November 24, 2010

in Holidays

Typical American Thanksgiving fare, as dictated to my daughter,

“ham; mashed potatoes; dressing; green bean casserole; sweet potatoes; salad; pumkin [sic]-pie”

…minus the semi-colons.
We’re having a quiet Thanksgiving around here, just the four of us: me and the kiddos. We contemplated driving to my family in Kansas, but Conner nixed it: didn’t want to have work to […]


Do you ever decide to pay someone to do something you would usually do yourself? Just to give yourself a break?
The kids desperately needed a haircut. Conner was the only one complaining, but I had ignored the little ones for too long, pun intended.
Wow, first the title, then this. Who knew I could be so…  […]


It took a few weeks for us to settle into our Fall routine of school and various activities. Mainly because my kids kept changing their minds about what they wanted to do!
I’m no soccer mom. But.
I’m all about dabbling at the younger ages: what better time for them to explore all that is out there? […]


I mentioned in a recent post that we started using our credit card for transactions that we were making anyway, but instead of waiting until the monthly bill is due, I’m paying off the balance every week.
For me, this method keeps away the mentality of, “I’ll just use the credit card for now and figure […]


Debt Balances as of the End of October 2010:

First Mortgage:  $169,668.33
Credit Card Transfer #1: $23,875.00
Credit Card Transfer #2:  $6,700
Rental Property:  $107,001.45

Total Debt:  $307,244.78
This is a difference of –$824.56 in principle from the $308,069.34 owed in primary and rental mortgage debt* at the end of September.
*The credit card transfers used to be our second […]