My husband’s in love. And before he leaves me and Eastern U.S. behind, he wants to get as much of this in as possible.

by jolyn on October 9, 2010

in Indulgences

What? What did you expect to see?

Aw, Dunkin Donuts. They make John happy.

The Alabama-South Carolina game today? Not so much.

One dozen donuts (plus one fritter): ~$8.00

This includes a 20% military discount, which is huge as far as military discounts go. And one we didn’t find out about until we’d been buying donuts here for over a year.

Tip for fellow military members: always ask if there’s a discount. No matter how small or marginal the merchant may be, it never hurts to ask.

I’m just glad that we finally found out about Dunkin’s discount. I see a lot more of these donuts in our immediate future.

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