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October 2010

The Calm After the Storm

by jolyn on October 27, 2010

in Moving,On Cars

I’ve been quite engaged this past week with a lot of load of this.

Pun intended.
And now that John’s gone, I’m looking around at the destruction left in the wake of someone preparing to be a geo-bachelor for… an as of yet undetermined amount of time, and all I want to do is take a nap. [...]


That’s Temporary DutY for you non-military folks. Military-speak for a business trip.
Yea, yea… So he last went TDY, like, two months ago. But here are the numbers anyway.

During his four-week TDY to Texas in August, John spent $1657.98 (excluding lodging).
His reimbursement came in the next month at $2,300.45 (again, excluding lodging).

A difference of $642.47, obviously [...]


How Much are Your Pumpkins Costing You?

by jolyn on October 18, 2010

in Holidays

Okay, so maybe I wanted an excuse to take a short jaunt down memory lane. But I haven’t gotten a photo of these crazy kids (aren’t they adorable?) for this year yet, though not for lack of trying. For some reason, we’ve been a little busy around here…
But we’ve managed to spend some money on [...]


I Got the Homeowner Blues.

by jolyn on October 16, 2010

in Home Repair

John’s set to leave for Cali in a couple of weeks, just a few days after his *40th* birthday. Don’t you think it’d be fun to have some friends over tonight for a going-away /slash/ over-the-hill birthday party?
I sure thought so. Even when someone in this family was home sick every day this week. Even [...]


In honor of our latest Open House, I splurged on some seasonal flowers to spruce up the front door. I say “splurge,” but I didn’t actually realize how cheap a pot of mums go for: just $5 at Home Depot. (I replanted them in a pot I already had.)
Definitely a lot of bang for your [...]


What? What did you expect to see?
Aw, Dunkin Donuts. They make John happy.

The Alabama-South Carolina game today? Not so much.
One dozen donuts (plus one fritter): ~$8.00
This includes a 20% military discount, which is huge as far as military discounts go. And one we didn’t find out about until we’d been buying donuts here for over [...]


Whew! Almost forgot this post in all the excitement of my guest post over at Get Rich Slowly. Man, I wish I had more traffic, even half a fraction of a fraction of GRS: the comments are so much fun! Even when it is, you know, about how you let $120,000 slip through your fingertips…
If [...]



by jolyn on October 3, 2010

in GUEST POSTS,Rental Property

I walked through our saga of how we became reluctant landlords of a rental property in Las Vegas over at The Man J.D. Roth’s blog Get Rich Slowly. Go on over and check it out! (Please?)
And if you found your way here for the first time from GRS — welcome! I hope you’ll [...]


… computer!  Which was quite necessary, in the modern scheme of things.
We have been putting off the wheedling from our teenage son for well over a year, but the time had come: our old desktop lasted years longer than any other computer we’ve owned and it was one step away from crashing completely. Also, our [...]