School Expenses: An Update. And still counting…

by jolyn on September 28, 2010

in Kids' Expenses

Just got a bill from Conner’s high school. All in all, not too bad…

  • English: $9.50
  • Physical Science: $20
  • French 2: $13
  • Health: $4
  • Drafting Techniques: $20
  • Algebra: $8

Total: $74.50

…So far, anyway? Kind of wondering if there’ll still be an admin fee, or if it’s all mixed in with the individual class fees… I am also purposely avoiding an additional “fee” of fund raising for his graduating class of 2014. *gulp* They just hit us up for about $85, which you could pay by selling some t-shirts or by just writing a check. Conner and I talked about it and decided we will forgo that one since he won’t actually be graduating with his class. At least, I’m assuming this house will sell before then…

I also paid for Conner’s school pictures: $34

And for Peter’s: $31

Olivia’s school hasn’t scheduled their pictures yet. And yes, I have three kids in three different schools, in three different parts of town. Thank God for school buses.

And I finally paid for Peter’s kindergarten school supplies, which I was fortunately still able to do through the PTO: $10

New Total: $149.50

After adding this to the previous total

Grand Total (so far) Spent on School for Three Kids: $331.18

In case you missed them the first time around, or you’d like a reminder, here’s my previous posts outlining how much I’ve spent on school supplies and related sundries this year:

In sort of semi-completely unrelated news, my teenager’s room looks like this now.

He’s been responsible for doing his own laundry. Yea. You can see how well that’s been going. As I just asked him today, “Have you been wearing dirty clothes every day or what?”

“Uh… not yet.”

Clearly, he has enough clothes. So there’s that. And it’s the sorting of them that’s daunting him. That is a difficult skill to master, to be sure — to do it properly, that is. So long as they don’t grow and multiply and work their way into the hallway and stink up the whole house I’m letting Natural Consequences dictate his developing a laundry routine. I figure even if it takes him whole year to gain confidence and consistency and mad sorting skillz he’ll still be way ahead of half the men I know.

Go ahead, let me have it. I dare you.

Then tell me how your school year’s going. Nickel and diming you yet?

Then tell me how bad your men are at doing laundry. You know you want to.

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