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September 2010

Do you Goodwill? Frequent Thrift Shops? Hop yard sales? Yes, yes, and yes? Do you (hardly almost) never shop regular retail for your kids’ clothes?
I’ve steered away from yard sales in recent years. I’ve also declared [many times] that I will never again have one myself! Every time I do anyway, my husband is like, […]


Just got a bill from Conner’s high school. All in all, not too bad…

English: $9.50
Physical Science: $20
French 2: $13
Health: $4
Drafting Techniques: $20
Algebra: $8

Total: $74.50
…So far, anyway? Kind of wondering if there’ll still be an admin fee, or if it’s all mixed in with the individual class fees… I am also purposely avoiding an additional “fee” […]


“Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

by jolyn on September 26, 2010

in Travel and Vacay

I’ve always longed for travel. When I was young and growing up in Kansas, I used to pour over maps and imagine places I would visit someday and places where I might live and dream about the days I would travel. I never had any particular place in mind; I just wanted to go everywhere.
As […]


I stopped into Goodwill the other day, to look at the books:  one of my second-hand shopping loves.  (I justify it all in the name of future homeschooling.) My attention was immediately caught by the brand-new small kitchen appliances set on a table at the front of the store. Among them, an Oster 16-speed blender […]


Do you and your spouse have joint accounts? Or do you keep your finances separate? John and I have shared our finances from day one. Neither of us ever considered doing anything differently, actually; we were so young and so broke when we got married — what difference did it make? When you have so […]


We’re talking finances here, of course. Not the emotional cost. Because 15? Seriously? That’s how old I was just a few years ago…
Do we count eating out as a family as part of the birthday cost? Since that was the birthday boy’s dinner request? Even though it didn’t effect what we gave him for his […]


Enter to win a new laptop!

by jolyn on September 15, 2010

in Books and Websites

This is a total Catch-22.
On the one hand, I’m upping my odds of winning myself by blogging about this giveaway, which gives me extra “points” in the drawing. On the other hand, I’m lowering my odds by blogging about this — and telling you all about your chance to enter and win!
Couple Money is celebrating […]


…when you discover that one of them is actually a stalk of corn.

Corn and Life and Loose Metaphors
I have no idea how a corn seed blew into that our yard. None of our immediate neighbors have gardens. We aren’t terribly close to any fields. How did it flourish? We’ve barely had any rain in weeks. […]


Another poll on USAA recently asked,
“What will the average family spend on back-to-school shopping this year?”
The choices:


What say you?
This is how the votes played out when I cast mine today:









And the winner is….
“According to a recent study by the National Retail Federation, the average American family will spend $606 on clothes, shoes, supplies and […]


Debt Balances as of the End of August 2010:

First Mortgage:  $169.862.98
Second Mortgage:  $31,228.81
Rental Property:  $107,637.56

Total Debt:  $308,729.35
This is a difference of –$574.67 in principle from the $309,304.02 owed in primary and rental mortgage debt at the end of July.
Yes, our debt snowball is still in limbo until we sell this house.

Reminder: Regular […]