Debt Update. It’s still boring. So I’m linking to other debt updates, too, for your viewing pleasure! You can thank me later.

Debt Balances as of the End of July 2010:

  1. First Mortgage:  $170,056.58
  2. Second Mortgage:  $31,293.06
  3. Rental Property:  $107,954.38

Total Debt:  $309,304.02

This is a difference of –$558.13 in principle from the $309,862.15 owed in primary and rental mortgage debt at the end of June.

Reminder: Regular Payments Breakdown:

  1. First Mortgage: $1538.63
  2. Second Mortgage: $283.90
  3. Rental Property: $758.00

Total Monthly Payments: $2580.53.

$2,022.40 of this was toward interest alone. That is so… wrong.

Again, we are still just making regular payments and are taking a rest from snowballing our debt. And letting it just sit there. Because we are still trying to sell our house. Which will sell in time. At the perfect time. Because it will. So we are gathering up all available cash in our savings in case we need it. You know, at the closing table. For when we sell our house.

I feel like a broken record. And I’m finding this quite monotonous. In a burst of frustration I decided to look for all the personal finance bloggers I could find who also recently posted debt repayment updates of their own. You know, for a little excitement. I found quite a few! What can I say: my kids were playing really well together and I got on a roll. It was like I was meant to do this.

So please go visit some of these sites and enjoy some inspiration. Then come back and tell me how much you appreciate me looking all these posts up for you for your own debt-repayment-motivating pleasure. Because it really did take me a while.

What can I say: my kids were playing really, really well together. It was like, a miracle. Have I mentioned that the teenager’s been at tennis camp? I probably should have been cleaning my toilets.

Debt Repayment and Net Worth Updates from Around the Personal Finance Blogosphere:

  • Deliver Away Debt: Net Worth July 2010 — Family man w/a full-time career who’s delivering pizzas on the side to help his family eradicate their debt even faster. He’s been going at this for over a year! He’s walking inspiration for what a lot of hard work will get you.

Most (all?) of these sites came from the Yakezie network (see my sidebar), a group of bloggers who are banding together in the name of personal finance community and global dominance. Did I miss any updates? Did I miss you?

Well, there’s something we can do about that! Just add your update below using the linky-linky “add your link” button. Then follow the instructions. It’s simple, I promise. But you do have to go to my site to do this (in case you’re reading this on email). Your debt and/or net worth update does not have to be from July — it can go back to the last time you posted an update! But it does need to be an update on debt. Or your net worth. You know: Numbers.

And if you don’t follow these guidelines then I’ll just delete it. I have that power.

I’m feeling a little loopy this evening for some reason. Must be all that blog-hopping. Or maybe it’s the wine. It may have been sitting in its box a little too long, who knows. I’m so classy.


I would like to do this link-up for Debt and Net Worth Updates every month! So tell your friends. And tie a string around your finger to remind your own self to come back and share your update with us, too. And if you don’t have a post — or even a blog — detailing your numbers in all their glory, then just share with us in the comments. (Anonymously, if you must.) The idea is to share and cheer each other on! So face the music, look up your numbers, and tell us what you got. Or don’t got, whichever the case may be. It may hurt at first, but it’ll just get easier from there. I promise.


Yea! The linky-linky’s working! I hope you all continue to add your own Debt and Net Worth updates, and come back next month to do the same! Just please remember to add the URL for your post and not just your blog.

17 thoughts on “Debt Update. It’s still boring. So I’m linking to other debt updates, too, for your viewing pleasure! You can thank me later.

  1. Yeah, that whole interest thing SUCKS. Just keep on keepin’ on add once the house is gone you’ll be set. Thanks for including me in the update, it’s soooo fun to see how everyone is doing each and every month.


  2. I only periodically figure out how much in interest we pay…because it causes me to vomit a little in my mouth.

    Hey, you are still consumer debt free, girl!!!! YEAH!!

    And a late congrats to John on his promotion….and sending you positive vibes on the housing front. When does John have to report? Are you still homeschooling in the fall?


    jolyn Reply:

    John reports in November… leaving late October? Plan right now is for me and the kids to stay until the end of the semester. Also waiting to see what happens with the house…


  3. Interest sucks! We paid about $359 worth of it last month ($2,000 is ASTRONOMICAL). It just makes me want to pay off the debt faster though. I keep thinking about what I would do with that extra money!

    Thanks for the link!


    jolyn Reply:

    Why yes, it is. And you’re welcome! I hope you come back and link up your next update. :)


  4. In case you didn’t know it, you are hilarious! This was an awesome debt update. Thanks for taking the time to find all of these links too (especially mine, lol).


    jolyn Reply:

    Really? I am? 😉 No really, thanks! I do try. All this heavy financial business calls for a little brevity now and then, IMO!

    I hope you come back and add the link to your update post next month! I’m hoping that everyone will use this linky-linky business I’m starting as a source for inspiration and motivation. :)


    Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Reply:

    I’ll be back. You’re on my daily reading list now (and have been added to my Blogroll). I really appreciate a sense of humor!

    I can’t see the linky-linky from work, but I’m emailing myself a reminder to look from home. :-)


  5. Interest is always the bloody killer :(…. I am trying hard to never use credit ever again…. If I ever buy a house it will be 100% in cash…..

    This is a great roundup too…. Will have to have a little wander over to comment on everyone’s good work :)


  6. This is such a FANTASTIC debt update post! Congrats on your progress, and that of others! Have tweeted.




    jolyn Reply:

    Thanks! I hope everyone comes back to link up their posts every month; I’d like it to be a resource where everyone knows they can find inspiration and motivation! (especially for Yakezie members!)


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