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Debt Free Adventure: 401(k) Contributions With Outstanding Debts

Get Rich Slowly: What YOU Can Learn from Baby-Boomer Blunders

Get Rich Slowly: Casting Stones: When Is It Okay to Judge? Cost Of A Trip Around The World The author breaks down the cost per day per country. Fascinating! Tell me: Do you have the travel bug?

Frugal Dad: Raising a Frugal Dad: An Open Letter to My Son Bring out the tissues. For some reason the picture of the dad helping his Olympian son finish his race got to me the most. Dads are so powerful, whether they’re present or absent.

Debt-Proof Living: Eight Words That Changed My Life

Get Rich Slowly: Frugal Babe, Rich Life guest post about Frugal Babe, a blogger I had yet to hear about and will be checking out more as time permits. I especially liked the part in the post with the advice, “try to get a good deal, but prioritize value”.

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