It’s (unofficially) Summer!

Popsicles, white skin, and (free!) water parks. It must be the start of Summer!

(I actually took this picture last summer — I forgot to take my camera with me today!)

We may not be out of school here yet in body, but we sure are in spirit. It was difficult bidding a good night to a beautiful evening outdoors, but the alarm clock will ring in the morning.

Whether your summer has unofficially begun or not…

  • What is a favorite *Free* summer activity for your family?
  • What is a favorite inexpensive snack you have on stand-by for your kids (or yourself!) during the summer months?

Please, do tell! We can all gain some new ideas in the comments — perhaps your favorite will become a new activity or appetizer for someone else!

6 thoughts on “It’s (unofficially) Summer!

  1. I quite simply just love long walks, easy and free but it can often end off with a beer outside a cool bar somewhere so can get pricey!


  2. Fruit, popsicles (whatever fruit is leftover, some juice in the blender and freeze) and tortilla rolls (tortilla, cream cheese, a slice of lunchmeat, some shredded broccoli stems and carrots, rolled up).
    Spent Saturday a couple of towns over at an outdoor art show. It was a good time, free and had tons of kids activities. We packed a cooler and picnicked under a huge tree and enjoyed the music. It’s a good idea to check Craigslist for your area, the paper (online), the news channels here have a community calendar section that covers all the little towns around, and connect with other parents to get ideas. Our community pool is fun, but I think it’s way overpriced and you have to pay to stay even if you aren’t swimming!


  3. oops, summer go to snack is usually fruit for us, whatever is really seasonal – starts with strawberries, cherries, watermelon….


  4. A local, man made lake that is free. You can go and spend all day. It has a nice beach, really deep clean water, and lifeguards keeping an eye on things. We bring a cooler of snacks, drinks, and sandwiches and spend a good number of summer days there. We still had a frost warning for last night, so hope we can go to the lake soon!


  5. I am on batch 4 of homemade popsicles. Sometimes I make a healthy shmealthy smoothie to freeze. These batches have been juice. I try to buy real juice. To be really fancy, I freeze juices in layers. Watermelon is also a big hit here.
    Last year I bought a summer long swim pass for the community pool. Not free but it did save money in the long term and I didn’t have to dig up change everytime I wanted to swim.


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