Debt Update (and Budget Busters, too).

Debt Payments in April: $2,580.53

  • Interest: $2,078.73
  • Principle: $501.80
  • Total Debt: $311,014.06
  1. Second Mortgage: $31,482.99
  2. Rental Mortgage: $108,899.92
  3. Primary Mortgage: $170,631.15


Our Debt Snowball is taking a breather. We made our regularly scheduled payments and nothing extra. And I’m okay with that. Instead of throwing snowflakes on the debt snowball, I am throwing as much cash as I can into our “Emergency Fund” — aka, We’re Selling a House and Get Ready We Might Have to Bring Money to Closing Fund. The Snowball is officially on hold until further notice.

Who knows? Selling this house may bring an early Spring… 😉

Budget Busters

Despite having $1,514.98 in car repair in April, we were still able to replenish our $1000 emergency fund, and then some. This was possible because we not only received a (partial) payment from our newly rented house in Vegas, but we also got a check for an escrow surplus from the rental mortgage company. Can we say, Hello, dropping property values?

I planned on outlining exactly what the $1,514.98 repair cost was for, and exactly how much we got in our rent check and for our escrow surplus… But honestly? I am so tired right now from House Stuff and getting this place ready to put up for sale, I can hardly see straight. It doesn’t help that I feel like I have sand in my eyes, thank you Ohio trees.

The realtor comes back tomorrow, to put up a for sale sign on our yard. Then I guess it will be official. So, so weird… The Hubs leaves for four months and thinks he’s coming back home for one more leisurely year in Ohio. Instead he’ll come home to find his house for sale. And possibly sold? Hmmm… Time will tell if my prognostications are correct.

And I think that big word just depleted my final ounce of energy for the night. More tomorrow. Maybe. Zzzzz…

6 thoughts on “Debt Update (and Budget Busters, too).

  1. Howdy! Do you mind e-mailing/highlighting the post where you announced you joined The Yakezie? I pinged the team to add you, but someone said they couldn’t find any announcement. At any rate, would love to have you on the lists so if you haven’t made an announcement, you can make a small one with a combination of other things if you wish.




    jolyn Reply:

    Oh! That would be what happened, because I never posted about it! Whoops! I just rectified that today: Please let me know if there’s anything else I need to do! I do plan on eventually becoming familiar with each member and their blog… Baby Steps!
    Thanks again!


  2. Good luck with the house sale….. interesting times lay ahead :)…. Well done on the emergency fund too, Mine is in it’s infancy but ill be there soon.


  3. You really inspire me. I have not taken the leap yet but I really need to. We had a few suprises this month and now I have no money and almost no food. If I had started this plan earlier I would not be in this position. Keep going, but get some much deserved rest first.


  4. You have had one heck of a month! But you are doing awesome!!! I am soooo incredibly proud of you. Hope you got some sleep, Nostradamas. Yakezie….


    jolyn Reply:

    Nostradamas! Ha-ha, that’s funny.


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