Good Read$ for Your Weekend Reading Plea$ure! (a wee-bit late, but hey. I’ve been busy.)

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday! The kids and I are visiting family now after a long but uneventful road trip, which I undoubtedly will be blogging more about further along in the week.

Many of you have noticed that I like to share some “Good Reads” with you guys once a week or so. These are usually blog posts that I have enjoyed and found pertinent to the theme of this blog. Some weeks I share more than others…  Usually simply because some weeks I am able to do more reading than others! Not at all because there isn’t more out there worth reading…

Because there really is so much out there and so much knowledge to glean from others’ personal finance experiences. I highly encourage you to check out more blogs as you can, and to feel free to share others I may not be aware of in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


Simple Life in France: Who’s afraid of a big, bad mortgage?

The Simple Dollar: Balancing Money and Time

Deliver Away Debt: Discipline Your Way Out of Debt

Frugal Dad: The Secret to Falling in Love With Your Home All Over Again

The Simple Dollar: You’ll Never Get Ahead With Resentment, Jealousy, and Hate Inside You ~ most excellent

The Simple Dollar: Personal Finance and the Path of Least Resistance

4 thoughts on “Good Read$ for Your Weekend Reading Plea$ure! (a wee-bit late, but hey. I’ve been busy.)

  1. Happy late Easter Jolyn,

    I just noticed you have some Yakezie swag on the site, how did I miss you joining? I’m updating my Yakezie Group list with you on it now.

    Take care,


    Jolyn@Budgets are the New Black Reply:

    I’m actually not sure I officially “joined” anything! Got the swag from Forest and the button via Sumarai after leaving a comment on his post just a little while back, but I’ve been wondering if there was something else I was supposed to do to make it “official”. 😉

    I hope you and yours also had a wonderful Easter!


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