This Snow Is Eating My Snowball

You may have heard a little something about the East Coast getting dumped on with the most snow they’ve ever had at one time since 1899, or something crazy like that. Ohio’s only gotten a taste of what’s hit DC and New York, but it was enough to close the schools for a couple of days…

And make me wonder if I set the right precedent by paying Conner and his friend to shovel the driveway.

I’m all for entrepreneurial spirit… but if this snow keeps up, I’m going to be doing more than just robbing Peter to pay Paul: Peter’s going to just flat run out of money.

No, I didn’t factor the hired help into the budget (or into the cash envelopes). And the first time they shoveled? Over the weekend after that first snowfall with those bizzaro tiny, dense flakes that never stopped and couldn’t seem to decide whether they wanted to be rain or ice or… snow? It really did them in, I tell you what.

Our driveway being the third one in a row that they shoveled might have had something to do with it, too, who knows.

“It was so HEAVY. Can you pay us more this time? Please?” My (still young) teenager looked up at me with those big, blue (tired) eyes.

I caved and gave them each $10 instead of the $5 I gave last time.

Conner thinks he’s so funny, holding up all his cash to make it look like I stiffed his friend.

Then it kept snowing. And snowing. And the driveway needed shoveled again. I went back to $5 each.

Have you been keeping track? That’s a total of $30 I’ve forked over, not a penny of which had I factored into the original budget for the month.

Then today, I decided to shovel the driveway myself. It just needed a touch-up, right? And I could use the exercise, right? Not too much snow from the night before, after all: Lots of wind, so the drifts on one side were almost two feet deep; but just a thin(ish) layer covered the rest…

Over an hour later, I was beginning to wonder if I had paid them enough. (But don’t tell them that.)

*On another note…
For anyone who may have been affected by the spy-bots that attacked my blog (and subsequently my computers) (or maybe it was the other way around), I am so, so sorry. I am still dealing with the after effects on this end: Still running full scans; still removing trojans…

I’ve heard from two people that something happened to their computers after they came to my blog. I’ve heard from others that they’ve had no problems. I sincerely hope that the two people I heard from were the only ones affected.

Lisa, my awesome geeky website-techie guru contact has fixed my site (obviously, since I’m on it) and will follow up to make sure it stays fixed. I may have to take my computers in to be wiped because if it comes to that, really, it is the one thing that is beyond me. I’ve really just been faking it the last few days, anyway…

9 thoughts on “This Snow Is Eating My Snowball

  1. We’re in Louisiana and kids in public schools here in Baton Rouge were out of school Friday-for the 30 min of snow(didn’t stick), Monday- president’s day, Tuesday-Mardi Gras & they have a half day today! We spent a couple of days entertaining kids with parades (which are free!) so we really didn’t have any extra expenses.
    We are actually having some computer issues, also, like the pop ups from a hoax security system but we aren’t able to install any virus protection b/c of a separate issue. I think the guy who fixed it last time may have made the situation worse and he charges $75/hr. Does anyone have advice on a reputable “chain” computer company?


    jolyn Reply:

    A “snow” day! Ha! Too funny.

    I have heard Best Buy thrown around for computer fixes, though I have no personal experience with them myself…


  2. Yep, I got the virus(es) too. I visit several money-saving blogs, so I couldn’t tell for sure if it came from you, but I think you’re the only one so far that’s owned up to having troubles, so it might be. I kept getting bizarro warnings and windows popping up all over the screen, and even got porn showing up on it!! I was just glad to hear that someone else was having issues with their computer! I’m so sorry that it happened to you, though. Luckily, I’m married to a computer guy who ran a bunch of scans and loaded better anti-virus stuff on my laptop. I hope it’s all taken care of now – I love your site and really enjoy reading it!


  3. Worst winter on record here (outside Philly). For a split second I contemplated running down to Lowe’s for a snow-blower! Thankfully I thought better of it and my husband shovels for free.

    No virus/computer problems here.


  4. YEP…I look at your blog alot during break at work..sure enough, this morning, there was a virus warning on my work computer….Luckily, I work for a huge company that makes sure to have lots of protection…Ran a scan and wiped TWo viruses off! I hope you have luck keeping yours running!

    p.s. Love the blog!


  5. Ha ha, digging snow if very hard but a little exercise is good for the soul :)…. I wouldn’t raise their rates just yet, it’s good for kids to work hard for their cash 😉


  6. I have had a nasty virus on my computer this week. Not sure how to tell if I got it from this site, but I have only been a reader for a little over 3 weeks. Luckily my hubby is very computer literate, so he is taking care of it! Hope the others have luck getting rid of it too!


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