Good Read$ for the Weekend

Mary Hunt’s Debt-Proof Living: When You Should Opt Out of Credit-Card Rate Increase

Man Vs. Debt: Paying Off a Decade of Debt: A Reader Success Story

Finance for a Freelance Life: Mammoth 2009 Tax Credit and Reduction List

Budgets are $exy: If a millionaire told you how to be rich, would you listen?

Enemy of Debt: Debt Free News From a Debt Free Reader (aka Fiscal Geek)

3 thoughts on “Good Read$ for the Weekend

  1. Its nice to see another Mary Hunt Fan. :) We are few and far between in the Dave Ramsey rush.

    I just love Mary’s system. I agree with her that you need an emergency fund in addition to paying down debt.


    jolyn Reply:

    Mary Hunt was the first financial guru that I learned about, several years ago. I really loved her freedom account methodology!


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