One Little Girl Takes One Little Musical Theater Class

by jolyn on December 8, 2009

in Kids' Expenses

It’s fortunate for me that a child’s attention span is easily distracted. Olivia has begged me off and on to take another “acting class” — ever since I put her in a local class called Story Book Dramasover a year ago —  where a bunch of munchkins read a story together in the old basement of a theater and then acted it among the support posts.

I considered enrolling her in a Fall course, but ultimately decided it needed to wait until we finish our (first) debt snowball…

Olivia didn’t really notice — when she would bring it up I would tell her I would look into it, which I did. When she brought it up again I simply told her, “Not yet”, which she accepted so readily it almost made me feel guilty. Then an opportunity came up at her dance studio…

This is her third year taking dance at the same studio, but it was the first year her instructor thought she was ready for the “theater” performance: they don’t have many practices and she has to be sure the younger ones are able to read the script. It’s a simple performance with the families all crowding into the old studio, trying to keep their feet tucked in and out of the way.

But the kids didn’t care. They got to sing and dance and act out a Christmas story in front of an audience, no matter how small. Olivia was in her element…

(Seriously, watch: it’s very short and the cuteness is irresistible. Just pay no mind to the quality, video and otherwise.)

Olivia’s enthusiasm was evident on- and off-stage — she’d come to me at home with script in-hand and exclaim, “I need to practice!”

Obviously, more classes like these will need to be kept in mind for future budgeting considerations…

One Musical Theater Class (five practices and one performance): $65

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