“Remember the Snow Cones!”

We’ve been in San Antonio for the past week visiting with my dear MIL as well as with some dear friends we knew from our time we lived in Italy who had moved to San Antonio the same time we moved to Ohio. (Follow that?)

We haven’t actually been staying with any of these friends or relatives but rather in a resort right on the Riverwalk where I was able to secure a timeshare exchange. (I’ll write about the pros and cons of timeshare ownership in a future post.)

The Hubs didn’t grow up in San Antonio but has fond memories of visiting his grandparents here as a child. One vivid memory he holds dear is from when he was about ten years old, he and his dad went to the Alamo and then his dad bought him a snow cone from across the street. He even remembers the flavor he had. (“Blue Coconut”)

The Hubs insisted on reenacting this memory, “passing on the legacy”, the great Snow Cone Across from The Alamo Experience. Not having any idea if there were, indeed, still snow cones for sale across the street from the Alamo, he really talked it up.

As luck would have it, there were!Luck is a seriously relative term here. Because holy Frijoles, they were three bucks a piece!

Talk about inflation. Not that The Hubs had any recollection what his dad paid for one once upon a time. But after pinning all his hopes on reliving this memory with his own kids, there was no way he was passing it up. (Although he did pass on the tip jar the girl selling the snow cones pushed rather ostentatiously in his direction.)

A mere 12 dollars later, he successfully passed on The Great Snow Cone Legacy. He even got himself the same flavor he remembered getting as a ten-year-old kid. And no one was complaining — including me (at least, not too loudly) as I satisfied myself with taking pictures and waiting for melted leftovers.

* We are at the end of our stay in San Antonio and I will be posting more about this trip over the next few days after we return home. I am trying to be completely honest here, and so I must admit, I only have a vague idea of how much this week is costing us. A big reason I started this blog was to motivate myself to be accountable … so I do plan on outlining how we actually spent our money this week, no matter how much it hurts: food; entertainment; souvenirs…

The Hubs, at least, seems to think I spent too much on the kids for that last one: “I am so getting myself that new laptop!” He’s been a bit testy about having to share his while we’ve traveled. I’m not sure how well that bodes for our strategy to get debt-free; we seem to be falling off the wagon here before the horses even get themselves hitched. I’ll keep you posted.

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